At, we take pride in ensuring that your experience with us is satisfactory. Therefore, we will readily do a revision for you if you feel that certain aspects of your paper need to be corrected. However, your revision directions should not include new guidelines that are different from the initial specifications. If you include additional guidelines and details that differ from the original instructions in your revision request, you will be charged a rewriting fee. The fee will be determined by how complex the work required to accomplish these additional tasks is. Contact our support team for an estimate if you deem it necessary to include new instructions when requesting a revision.

Additionally, you are always required to submit all revision requests via a click on a button marked ‘Request Revision.’ The button becomes visible the moment your order is set on ‘Delivered’ status and remains visible for a further 14 days, after which the system will automatically adjust your order’s status to ‘Approved’ if you won't have taken any action to approve it or submitted a revision request. After the order is approved, either by you or the system, the button will still be visible for 7 more days, an interval within which you can still submit a revision request. After 7 days of initially approving the order, you will be required to submit a new order if you need your paper to be revised.

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