We are dedicated to helping our clients realize their writing needs and, ultimately, their academic dreams. We do that by offering specialized assistance of all/any content needs a client is struggling to work on. This is what defines our mission and vision to our clients. We do not offer our help for the sake of doing it. No! This is something we are passionate about. We genuinely want to play this small yet critical role in ensuring that our clients get what they want.

Benefits of Hiring Us

  1. Cheap and affordable rates.
  2. Experienced, trained, professional, and talented pool of specialized writers.
  3. Free revisions for all orders made.
  4. Excellent customer support and experience.
  5. Fast turnaround time.

Our Values

We are a professional writing agency specializing in providing customized solutions to students, researchers, and companies that need help in press releases, article writing, academic research, and many other custom writing services.

We value consistency, respectability, efficiency, loyalty, and commitment.

Meet Our Team

Annie Peabody

Annie Peabody

Customer Relationship Manager

She has over ten years of experience as a customer relationship manager handling individual client issues and improving the organization’s overall customer satisfaction ratings.

Dr. James Weir

Dr. James Weir

Senior Researcher

He is our head researcher and is tasked with coordinating all research projects and monitoring the research team. He’s experienced in formulating project goals, reviewing the company’s research methods, and testing parameters that meet the industry’s standards, among other scientific processes required to ensure our research team is top-notch.

Tommy Bramlett

Tommy Bramlett

Head of Quality Control

He’s in charge of coordinating our quality control department, ensuring our researchers have been trained on detecting quality issues, and documenting them where necessary before any delivery is made. Our quality tests go through both manual and automated processes.

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We endeavor to provide our clients with top-notch services. To achieve this, we work with only the best research writers. We vet our writers carefully and thoroughly to ensure that we hire only the very best professionals to work with us. We believe that failing to provide and guarantee quality writing services would be a great disservice to clients who have chosen to entrust us with something important to them. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, and that’s what we strive to offer them every time. Moreover, we cater to the needs of clients from various countries.

So far, we have written thousands upon thousands of custom essays for students in college, university, and high school. We also ask clients to rate our services, and thus far, they have given us a high rating of 8 out of 10. Anyone familiar with this industry will appreciate just how exceptional that rating is. It is a testament to our strong belief in working for our clients and helping them achieve their goals. We understand this industry well, and we are aware of what our college, university, high school, and corporate clients need. We are easily accessible day and night throughout the week to cater to students who may need our services at normal hours or after workday hours.

Simple yet Efficient Order Placing System

We run a very simple system because we decided to simplify the whole process to benefit the clients we serve. We understand the fact that students have a lot on their hands. For this reason, they need all the help we can offer. Under the system that we have, our clients do not need to spend countless hours worrying about placing an order. All the client needs to do is place the order; we match your order with the best research assistant available, who then takes control of what happens from this point onwards. All the client has to do is wait for the delivery of their paper. Basically, four steps are all it takes from the time you place the order to the moment we deliver it to you.

Apart from the simple system, we also believe that our rates are affordable. Most students are yet to be financially stable. They rely on assistance from loved ones for upkeep. Some undertake odd jobs to earn an extra coin for supporting their lifestyle in college. Regardless, what is not in doubt is that they don’t have an endless reservoir of money to pay for everything they need for academic and non-academic living. For this reason, we saw it fit to charge them reasonably. Based on the quality of our writing services, we believe our rates are among the most affordable in the whole industry.

Superb Support Team

Furthermore, we have an excellent customer support team. The purpose of our support team is to be always available and handle all the suggestions, requests, and complaints you may have. Members of our support team are highly trained and well experienced. They tackle any issues you may have in a professional and friendly way. They guide you through the process of placing an order in case you are stuck and unable to proceed smoothly. We have a relatively large team to offer customer support, thus ensuring you never have to wait for too long. Nobody will ask you to hold and wait. We have human representatives handling all aspects of customer support, unlike other writing agencies that use bots to offer customer service.

Our writers are specialists at what they do. We make sure that your essay or paper lands in the hands of a qualified and suitable writer. We also have a vibrant quality control department whose tasks include assessing each writer’s knowledge on specific topics and issues. The assessment is quite intense to ensure that we only hire the best for the benefit of our clients. All the writers working at our agency major in roughly 3-5 disciplines. This way, we always have a writer – and a good one at that – available to take care of your order at any given moment. Many of our writers are specialists in at least one discipline if your order needs unique expertise, input, and perspective that only a specialist brings.

Since the beginning, our goal has always been to offer customized writing services to students and corporate clients. Our services are designed for clients who need content written, companies that need research done, and students who struggle with writing essays and papers, which are crucial for academic excellence. Students who wish to do well academically have no choice other than to write essays and papers as part of their assignments. However, not everyone is skilled at writing academic papers. Those who try writing and fail to earn good grades run the risk of jeopardizing their studies. Luckily, at WritingElites.net, we have several departments that work effortlessly to provide the students with all the assistance they require. As earlier mentioned, we have a great team of writers and customer support professionals. In addition to these, we also have both editorial and customer experience teams.

Our agency provides solutions to problems that students face each day in university, college, or high school. A written argument requires a special frame of mind to develop into a paper or essay that flows flawlessly. Only a few students know how to put thoughts into a structured format. The critical thinking skills they possess don’t offer much solace during such moments; after all, teachers and professors are only interested in written expressions and ideas. Our solution involves taking the burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on other equally important activities. All the various departments listed above work together to provide you with these built-in solutions to all your struggles with academic writing!

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