Reaction paper writing assignments are commonly given to students because they usually need thoughtful reading through research and coherent writing. They are assigned to encourage students to think carefully about the impact of a text they have read on their feelings and thoughts. A student also needs to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the piece of writing they have read and assess whether and how well it achieves its objective.

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As a student writing a reaction paper, it is imperative that you react to the ideas implied by the text. You must also evaluate, elaborate, and analyze the author's main points and the purpose of the text. Many students, however, lack the time, interest, or ability to write a reaction paper and need the help of a professional to ensure they do not fail in their courses.

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How We Write Excellent Reaction Papers

To write your reaction or response paper, our writers will analyze the text and then develop commentary related to it after determining what kind of reaction the assignment requires. Some tutors may need you to evaluate and analyze specific topics, and others want to see only your response. You should, therefore, understand what is required, and if you are unsure, seek clarification from your tutor. Our writers will back up the reaction/response with convincing evidence from the text and connect ideas and concepts.

If you need tips on how to write a reaction paper, you can also get them here.

We will require you to clarify what is expected from the assignment while making your order to guarantee you get what you need. You might also need to give us specifications about the format. You can request to view samples of our work to confirm our high-quality deliveries. We are always ready to listen to you.

The writer evaluates the material by considering some issues such as:

  1. issues the author is addressing.
  2. The main point being put across by the author.
  3. The assumptions the author makes and how he backs them up.
  4. The piece of work’s weaknesses and strengths.
  5. Where the problems and shortfalls with the argument are.
  6. If reacting to multiple texts, how do the texts relate?
  7. How the ideas connect to the general idea of the class or unit.

Our Sample Reaction Papers

Before you place your order, you may want to sample some of the example reaction papers written by our experienced reaction paper writers to gauge the quality of our writing.

"The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry (Format: APA 7)
"Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield (Format: MLA)

Format of Reaction Papers

Our reaction papers are divided into different sections. However, we will format your reaction paper according to your specifications. The sections are like any other essay’s sections and include:

  1. Introduction: This is what your readers see first when they receive your paper. Therefore, we make sure it is appealing and captures their attention, making them eager to get into the details of your paper. Here, we include a short description of the author and the story’s main problems and ideas and then give a brief and clear thesis statement.
  2. Body: Being the main section, this is where all the ideas for the reaction paper are explained. Each paragraph begins a topic sentence that will reflect the idea to be described in that paragraph. Appropriate sources to back up the opinions will be included to convince your reader that you are right. Here, theoretical evidence can also be added to back up the statement.
  3. Conclusion: The conclusion will link the thesis statement with a summary of the ideas in the paragraphs of the body. It will point out the major points in brief then summarize everything by clarifying your opinion.
  4. Citations: We will include the citations for the sources used within the reaction paper. We only use credible sources so that they can persuade your reader.

Our papers are always clear, well organized, and free from typing and grammatical errors. They are well-formatted and appealing to the readers.

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