Though our system is relatively easy to understand and use, we offer this guide as a reference to any client who wants to comprehend every aspect of the ordering procedure. The process is set in motion by your submission of an inquiry or placement of an order. Submitting an inquiry is like placing an order. However, payment for an inquiry is only required after you make sure that the most suited writer is assigned to your paper. You are requested to provide us with detailed information when entering details into the order or inquiry form. This enhances the writer’s effectiveness in completing your paper and delivering it on time without asking for further cues or clarifications. It also lowers the probability of you having to ask for revisions.

Customer Discounts

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Once you submit your first inquiry or order, the particulars you supply will be used to set up your account. After your account is set up, you can sign in and:

  1. Manage and track the progress of your order by checking its status, uploading more materials to help the writers, writing messages to writers and support, asking for revisions, and approving the final paper.
  2. View all orders we’ve previously completed for you and their past events.
  3. Edit and manage your customer profile.
  4. Use the instant chat service to communicate directly with the customer care team.
  5. Order a new paper or submit a new inquiry.

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At any given time, your order may bear one of the statuses listed below:

  1. Inquiry: This is the status an order bears immediately after a customer makes an inquiry.
  2. Waiting for Payment: This is the status of an order whose payment hasn’t been received. You may have placed it without completing payment, or you may have requested the writer to do additional tasks that call for extra pay.
  3. Looking for a Writer: This will be your order’s status after we receive its payment and as we query our database for the most desirable writer to handle it.
  4. In Progress: If a writer is already working on your order, this will be the order’s status.
  5. Checking for Plagiarism: After the writer has completed and uploaded your assignment, we will verify that it is 100% plagiarism-free by passing it through a plagiarism detection system. During this process, your order will be displayed with this status.
  6. Delivered: Once we verify that your paper is not plagiarized, we will upload the completed paper as a preview PDF version that cannot be edited, printed, or copied. We will also mark your order as ‘Delivered’. The preview version is intended to give you the chance to ascertain that you are fully satisfied with how the paper was written. After checking the preview, you can submit a request for a revision of the work, or you can approve the paper. If you do not execute either of those two actions, your order will remain on ‘Delivered’ status for a maximum of 2 weeks, followed by automatic approval of your order by our system.
  7. Revision in Progress: Once you ask for corrections on your order, the system will give your order this status. We will communicate with the writer and ask them to revise/correct your paper as our Revision Policy stipulates.
  8. Approved: Once you read the preview and you do not have any grievances, you can confirm your satisfaction with the work’s quality by clicking on an “Approve” button that is accessible on a delivered order’s page. The order may also be automatically set to this status if it remains on ‘Delivered’ status for 2 weeks without any action from you. After approval, you will access the completed paper in an editable version of Microsoft Word. You can still submit a request for revision within 1 week of approval. However, revisions requested after 1 week since the order’s approval will have to be placed as new orders.
  9. Dispute: If you are unhappy with the writer’s writing standard, you can submit a revision request, which will be done for free in line with our policy on revisions, or you can ask that your order be allocated to a new writer. You are also at liberty to ask our professional customer support personnel to place the order on ‘Dispute.’ The dispute will then be handled by the department responsible for resolving disputes. However, before asking that your order be placed on ‘Dispute’ status, kindly read and understand these points.
  10. Canceled: If you ask for the cancelation of your order, it will be displayed with this status. After cancelation, any refund you may be entitled to is issued in compliance with our Money-Back Guarantee Policy. Our customer support staff can also cancel your order for valid reasons. For example, if you submit an inquiry and you fail to act in response to our messages for a very long time, the inquiry may be canceled to give our support team adequate time to attend to other urgent orders.

For any questions or comments concerning the ordering procedure, please contact us immediately. Our team of professional customer care representatives is always there to assist you.