As a custom writing community, we hold customer satisfaction as one of our core values. Almost all our customers are satisfied with our services. Hence, situations where customers demand to be refunded occur on very rare occasions. However, there are some situations when a customer feels they need to be refunded. Most custom writing companies promise refunds, but they lack a clearly outlined Money-Back Guarantee policy. has a clear Money-Back Guarantee Policy that improves the satisfaction of our customers. This policy clearly outlines conditions and situations for eligibility for a refund at There are two main sections of the policy:

  1. Before you approve your order.
  2. After you approve your order.

Before you Approve your Order

A 100% refund will be paid under the following conditions:

  1. If you ask for the cancellation of an order you’ve just made, and the order has not been assigned to any writer.
  2. If an error occurred while paying for your order, for instance, paying two or more times for an order (double payment).
  3. If we cannot get a qualified and fitting writer to complete your order.
  4. If the paper is not delivered within the set deadline and you do not need it anymore. In such an instance, we will refund the entire cost of the order, but you won’t be given the paper. You will also be under an obligation not to use any materials and documents made available to you by the support staff or writers. This condition doesn’t apply to late revisions.

A 70% refund will be given if any of the following situations hold:

  1. If you decide to cancel an order that is already in progress and less than half the time you gave us to work on the order (deadline) has passed. In this situation, you cannot receive a full refund as the writer had already started writing the paper, and they should be compensated for their work.

A 50% refund will be given if any of the following situations hold:

  1. If you decide to cancel an order that has already been assigned to a writer and more than half the time you gave us to work on the order (deadline) has passed.
  2. If we weren’t able to get a qualified and appropriate writer to revise your paper.

A variable percentage refund will be given under the following conditions:

  1. If your paper is delivered after the set deadline, but you still need it. In such an instance, you can be refunded because of the lateness. When you receive a paper after the set deadline, another new fee, calculated considering the time the paper was delivered, is set. The refund you will receive is then arrived at by deducting this new fee from the original cost of the paper. For example, you could pay $36 for an order expecting it within 3 days. However, in an extremely rare event, you may receive their order after 3 days and 10 hours. If the price of an order with a deadline of 3 days and 10 hours is $30, the customer can claim $6, which is obtained by deducting $30 from $36, i.e., $36-30.
  2. If you feel that the paper’s quality is inadequate, you can ask for the paper to be set on revision, and the revision will be executed at no added cost. Alternatively, you can request that your order be allocated to another writer. You can also ask our customer care staff to change the order’s status to ‘Dispute’ by commenting on your order’s page. Just sign in to your control panel, open the order, and write the following as a comment to the support staff: “Please put this paper on ‘Dispute’ status.” After the order is put on ‘Dispute,’ you can claim a refund, but please be aware that:
    • You will need credible and strong reasons to support your dispute claim.
    • The dispute resolution will take some time. Our customer care representatives may have to contact the writer, send the paper to the Quality Control Department, or even request more materials to back up your request. All these actions may take some time.
    • An order set on ‘Dispute’ status has no specific percentage refund. Each case is analyzed independently, and a decision concerning the proportion of refund to be given is made after careful evaluation.
    • If a client is asked to supply extra information and/or documents to aid in handling the dispute and they fail to honor the request within 14 days, we will cancel the dispute, and the client will not receive any refund afterward.

After You Approve Your Order

After the writer completes all tasks related to your order, we will upload a preview version to your order page and adjust the status of your order to ‘Delivered.’ You then have up to 2 weeks to read the preview version and approve your order or ask for it to be revised. If there is no action from you within the 2 weeks, the system will automatically approve the order. After the approval of your order, the final paper in an editable MS Word version will be generated automatically, and you will have access to it.

You are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions. However, when you approve the order, it is presumed that you have critically read the preview version, and you are satisfied with its quality. Approval of the order is deemed to be a confirmation of your satisfaction with the product’s quality. It is also an indication that you have no further grievances concerning the paper. You cannot receive any refund after you have approved the order. However, you still have up to 7 days to have the paper revised.

Please refrain from approving a paper before reading the preview version and ensuring that its quality satisfies you. If you have any problems going through the preview, kindly contact our support team members and ask for another version.

Please be cautioned that after receiving a full (100%) refund, you will lose all your rights to utilize the paper or any other documents that might have been emailed to you or uploaded to your order’s page by any of our customer care staff or writer(s). upholds copyright and ownership of such papers and documents, and we maintain the right to use such materials in any way considers appropriate. We usually publish such materials as sample papers on our site, which means that any plagiarism check by anti-plagiarism software will show that the paper was wholly plagiarized from our website.