At, we are committed to making sure that you have a satisfactory experience with us by providing you with high quality services at the best ever prices. We use the following four factors to determine your order’s price:
  1. Type of Writing: Original papers written from scratch are more expensive compared to those requiring editing or proofreading services.
  2. Type of Paper: Application essays and admission letters are completed at special prices. All other types of papers are charged at the same rate.
  3. Academic Level: A paper requiring a lower level of writing is cheaper than that requiring a higher writing level.
  4. Deadline: Papers with shorter deadlines are more expensive that those with longer deadlines.

Writing from Scratch:

Academic Level -> Deadline Over 10 Days 7-10 Days 4-6 Days 3 Days 2 Days 1 Day 8 Hours
High School $10 $11 $14 $17 $20 $22 $24
College $12 $13 $16 $19 $22 $25 $27
Bachelor $14 $15 $18 $22 $25 $26 $31
Masters $20 $21 $24 $27 $30 $33 $37
PhD $23 $25 $28 $30 $36 $41 $68
Admission $34 $37 $42 $45 $54 $61 $102

Editing / Proofreading:

Academic Level -> Deadline Over 10 Days 7-10 Days 4-6 Days 3 Days 2 Days 1 Day 8 Hours
High School $6 $7 $8 $10 $12 $13 $14
College $7 $8 $10 $11 $13 $15 $16
Bachelor $8 $9 $11 $13 $15 $16 $19
Masters $12 $13 $14 $16 $18 $20 $22
PhD $14 $15 $17 $18 $22 $25 $41
Admission $20 $22 $25 $27 $32 $37 $61

* Kindly note that all the prices presented in the tables above refer to the cost per page. In compliance with academic writing standards, a page has 275 words and is double spaced.


The cost per slide is half the cost per page. For example, if the cost of producing a page of your order is $14, the cost of a slide of your order will be $7.

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More Details on Our Prices

Our prices are always in agreement with average prices in the academic writing industry. The prices we charge enable us to get the most qualified and inspired writers. Such writers are capable of meeting the varied needs and expectations of our European and American customers. We are constantly dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality, plagiarism-free papers that stick to their instructions.

We are not blind to the fact that most of the orders we receive have distinctive features and usually require unique and special attention. We are, therefore, very flexible and ready to deliberate over the specifications of each order with our valued customers. Communication is one of our core values. If you need help, please contact our customer care officers via e-mail, phone or instant chat


We offer two kinds of discounts:

  1. One-time Discounts: This is given to first time customers who are interested in this discount. Contact our support team members to receive your discount. Moreover, we sometimes give our customers a 15% discount. This type of discount is, however, not always available. When offered, please take full advantage of its benefits. It is a good way of making savings on your papers.
  2. Life-time Discounts: These are given to returning customers who meet certain eligibility criteria. A client’s eligibility for life-time discount codes depends on their history with Precisely, the sum of cash they have paid for completed and approved papers determines whether or not they are eligible for these codes. The criteria used is:
    1. 5% lifetime discount for a sum of more than $500
    2. 10% lifetime discount for a sum of more than $1000
    3. 15% lifetime discount for a sum of more than $2000
    If the total amount you’ve used on completed and approved orders qualifies you for any of the lifetime discounts listed above, please contact our support team to receive your discount. Please note that every discount code, whether one-time or life-time, can only be utilized once.